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2012-07-22 00:19:16 by 51430

Lack of updates for 1+ years + failing to give a shit about logging in constantly = account death

Unlike this account, AIM's still open for business, should you desire to invest time in me.

So, official announcement of abandonment. 'Twas fun, guise.

Total purge.

2010-04-04 22:41:49 by 51430

I've decided to purge my entire newspost collection, as well as a few other things.

Since I know some of you might be dying to see my previous archive, I took the liberty of cramming most of the content of the posts into a .jpg file, using the good ol' RAR-in-JPG technique. You too can own a copy of my previous failures and wins (mostly failures).

I've cleared out by ban lists and posts, and now I'm giving everyone a chance to comment on a few things.

I know some of you might be dying to ask me some questions about me and other things like that, so leave the commentary below, and I will answer it 99% of the time.

Somehow, I feel better. Not sure why.

Anywho, leave your thoughts below.